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Philips Day-Brite CFI FluxStream Family: Genuine convenience for strips, industrial, and wraparounds

Every lighting project involves difficult and time consuming decisions. Selecting an LED strip, industiral, or wraparound luminaire shouldn't be one of them. Make it quick and easy by choosing from the newly expanded FluxStream family!

Philips Gardco EcoForm LED

In any outdoor site and area project, the next generation of Philips Gardco EcoForm LED area luminaires are more than sources of illumination; they offer the best of all worlds: saving energy, saving time, and saving money for significant and enduring value. It's not just about meeting technical requirements. It's about looking out for the best interests of your customers, and going the extra mile to uncover new savings and conveniences!


Above - by Mads Odgard

The fixture emits soft comfortable downlight. The conical shape and the matte, white-painted inside help assure even distribution of the light. The opening in the top of the fixture provides decorative illumination of the arch above, and ensures that the fixture retains the full expression of its visual shape both when illuminated and when switched off.

  • Finish: White, matte or black, matte, wet painted.
  • Fixture Power: 100/200W incandescent or 15W LED or 22W LED
  • Fixture Output (Lumens):
    • 6.9" = 351 lumens (3.5 lm/W)
    • 9.8" = 319 lumens (3.2 lm/W)
    • 15.7" = 1253 lumens (6.3 lm/w)
    • 21.7" = 1678 lumens (8.4 lm/W)
  • Label: cULus, Dry location.

Relax. Great Display Lighting is Effortless with Elegance Cylinder.

Tilt or swivel, or switch optics on a whim. Whether stem or surface mounted, compact Elegance Sylinder delivers show-stopping light, while two-step LED binning ensures a perfect CCT match from fixture to fixture.






Canopy Mount Track Luminaires


CRS8 LED Pendant




When designing this new family of products, Pinnacle focused equally on appearance and performance. The result? The ability to create clean clusters of light without having to worry about efficiency. No matter how you use this fixture in your design, it will always prove itself to be consistently unique in any floor plan.




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