KLI is known as the premiere lighting manufacturer’s representative in Hawaii since 1976.  In general, we promote our lighting manufacturers through Architects, Engineers and Designers and distribute through wholesale electrical houses.

KLI was originally incorporated in 1976 under the name KLOPFENSTEIN’S and operated from a house in Hawaii Kai.  In December of 1987 we moved our operations into our present location on Nuuanu Ave in Downtown Honolulu.  In 1997 we reincorporated as KLOPFENSTEIN’S LIGHTING INC  (KLI). 

Our primary purpose is to provide the best product for your application with efficient service for all your needs.

Klopfenstein’s Lighting Inc

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Honolulu, HI  96817-5119

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E-mail:  info@kli-hi.com

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1. Upcoming Manufacturer’s Visits:

· 6-7 March          EUREKA LIGHTING’s Mark Brunasso

· 12 March           TRANSLITE-SONOMA’s John Campsmith

2. KLI will be closed  for the following day(s):

· 26 March 2007 in observance of Kuhio Day

Safety to Hawaii

Designing with daylight controls has never been so simple or affordable...

Ledalite Introduces
Response Daylight

What products are available with Response Daylight?  Click Here

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Active Safety Photoluminescent Exit Signs and Egress Marking Systems use the highest quality “glow-in-the dark” technologies to absorb nearby light and then glow brightly when the lights go out in an emergency – illuminating safe passage to building occupants with no electricity or radioactivity. 

Active Safety Exit Signs are NFPA and Building Code compliant for high and low level exit signs, UL and Energy Star listed, and rated “Best Available Technology” by the US Dept of Energy. 

Active Safety Exit Signs are green, sustainable exit signs designed to work and look good in hotels, condos, offices, schools, hospitals, retail, industrial and LEED certified buildings. 

Smart Owners/Operators and Architects/Engineers install Active Safety Exit Signs instead of LED or radioactive tritium signs to Save Lives, Save Money and Save the Planet

Just add daylight, start saving and enjoy.

Daylight has had an enduring influence on architecture, inspiring centuries of designs with nuance and natural rhythms. In turn, people who occupy daylit spaces seem to enjoy the connection it provides to nature, and many report improved health and productivity because of it.

Beyond these benefits, daylight is now emerging as an important design tool in today's climate of conservation. With rising electricity costs and increasingly strict energy codes, sustainable designs that harness daylight to save energy have become a real necessity — for operating budgets and the environment.

Daylight controls have a major role to play in this movement. In theory, it should be quite simple: increase daylight, reduce electric light, save energy and save money. In practice, however, the benefits of daylight controls have often been overshadowed by their shortcomings. They're too expensive, they're complicated to specify, a pain to commission, often temperamental in use and sometimes just plain ugly to look at.

It's time to look again.

Response Daylight by Ledalite finally rights the wrongs of many traditional daylight sensors. Integrated across Ledalite's catalog of high-performance luminaires, Response Daylight is incredibly affordable and seriously simple.