KLI is known as the premiere lighting manufacturer’s representative in Hawaii since 1976.  In general, we promote our lighting manufacturers through Architects, Engineers and Designers and distribute through wholesale electrical houses.

KLI was originally incorporated in 1976 under the name KLOPFENSTEIN’S and operated out of a house in Hawaii Kai.  In December of 1987 we moved our operations into our present location on Nuuanu Ave in Downtown Honolulu.  In 1997 we reincorporated as KLOPFENSTEIN’S LIGHTING INC  (KLI). 

Our primary purpose is to provide the best product for your application with efficient service for all your needs.

Klopfenstein’s Lighting Inc

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Gotham is pleased to introduce Candéo LED: an intelligent blend of compact fluorescent general illumination and multicolor LED technology.  From its inception, the Candéo Series has made a distinct decorative impression – all the while providing effective, practical illumination. The application is much the same with Candéo LED - the difference being Gotham has harnessed the color-changing capability of LEDs to create a decorative tool that is as dynamic as it is beautiful!


Candéo LED provides ultimate decorative luminaire design freedom. Whether the desire is to change colors continuously, or dial in on a specific color, the designer selects a scheme that meets design objectives for the space.


Select Product Features 

·         Decorative Performance Downlighting – The patent-pending dual optical design provides general illumination with an exclusive Gotham Bounding Ray TM reflector, while the outer optical surfaces are washed by the saturated color of the LEDs. The compact fluorescent and LED sources may be independently controlled, allowing either source to be turned on or off. The compact fluorescent lamp can even be dimmed, if a dimming ballast is specified.

·         Three Control Choices – Integrated software allows users to select from nine fixed colors or nine color-change modes with many timing cycle options. These standard programs are controlled by (1) switches located on the LED driver on the luminaire mounting frame; (2) a remote digital wall station (LFVRS); or (3) DMX512 theatrical controllers (supplied by others; all Candéo LED downlights are wired to communicate with these common controllers). For details regarding control and network capabilities, please visit www.gothamlighting.com.

New From Gotham
Candeo L.E.D. Downlight

Litecontrol, an employee owned company, announces the newest addition to its popular “Mods” (modular systems) product line, the Mod2 MR provides 100% directional down light in a small fixture cross-section. Engineered to meet the needs of accent lighting applications, this quality constructed steel fixture is available in pendant- and surface-mounted housing styles. Add the ability to designate a custom color or choose from a palette of 21 litecolors to complete a design and the Mod2 MR transforms the typical lighting system into an architectural piece of art.

The new Mod2 MR is available in the following fixture types:

· Pendant-mounted – 4″x4″ housing, suspended with cable or stems

· Surface-mounted – 4″x4″ housing, mounted to the ceiling

· Recessed – 4″x4″ housing, concealed in the ceiling

Housings are available in two-, three-, four-, six-, and eight-foot lengths, accommodating 1 to 8 MR16 lamps. All Mod2 MR fixtures are shipped with a Clear Glass (CG) Lens, but because of its versatility, the lamp trim can incorporate up to three lens accessories.

Available Mod2 MR accessories:

· SOL: Softening Lens – softens MR16 light beam distribution

· PRL: Prismatic Lens – spreads MR16 light beam distribution

· LSL: Linear Spread Lens – elongates light beam pattern

· HCL: Black Honeycomb Louver – provides 45º shielding

For more information on the Mod2 MR fixtures or any Mod2 Family product offering, visit the Mod2Family page.

Litecontrol Introduces
Mod2 MR

The TouchPoint 1210 is a customizable tablet touch screen that provides ultimate control with the power of wireless communication. It is a 12.1-inch XGA resistive color touch panel ideal for any environment. Anyone who uses the TouchPoint 1210 will be able to enjoy complete room-to-room control of lights, security systems, music and more.

This tablet touch screen offers amazing flexibility with in-wall, desk-top VESA mount, kickstand and under-counter mounting possiblities. The TouchPoint 1210 has an ultra slim screen with a wide-angle view, and is available in 3 colors (white, silver, and black) enhancing the look of any room.

The TouchPoint 1210 provides complete control of any project by not only controlling the lights, but also heating and cooling, fireplaces, distributed audio systems, video equipment, home theaters and window treatments. The TouchPoint 1210 provides room-to-room control, without the hassle of wires.

Key Features:

· Operating System: Windows XP Professional Edition

· Intel Celeron M - ULV 373, 1000MHz

· Video Resolution: 1024x768 in landscape mode and 768x1024 in portrait mode

· Ultra Slim 12.1" Wide-Angle View XGA Panel, 150cd/m2 Luminance and 768x1024 in portrait mode

· Re-chargeable 40w Lithium ION Battery, supports up to 4 hours, 2.5 hrs charging time

· 3.1 lbs with Battery Pack

· 40GB Hard Drive

· QLink compatible with Designer Tool Box

· InFusion compatible with TouchPoint Designer

Vantage Controls Introduces
Touchpoint 1210 F.Y.I.

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Candeo L.E.D. in Action

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Spec Sheet
Vantage Website




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· 20-21 February   LSI-SERVICES’ Bryan Lortie

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From humble beginnings and the hard work of two brothers, Ron and Ralph Wilson, Vantage controls has grown to be a leading designer/manufacturer of automated control and dimming systems for residential and commercial applications.  Vantage offers a powerful means to integrate all facility functions into one central system that can be preprogrammed to activate according to a schedule, sensor or button.  Simple stylish keypads or touch screens can eliminate entire rows of unsightly switches.  The complete system interconnects via a wireless RadioLink (RF) network or with a simple, non-polarized two-wire bus making Vantage products the easiest to install, and the most versatile and trouble free available.
Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Vantage distributes its projects through a worldwide network of certified representatives, dealers and installers.  A strong focus on engineering, competent technical support, and a knowledgeable sales and support staff are what make Vantage your first choice in automation and lighting control.